What is good about space travel?



What is good about space travel?


Space travel is one of the most important aspects of our world today. Today's modern-day jet aircraft and spacecraft can only travel about six miles above the surface of Earth. Moreover, space travel requires a great amount of money spent on resources, engineering, fuel, and other things which ultimately play an integral role in our daily lives.

Space travel is a dream for many people. However, as it becomes more and more possible to go into space, we need to ask ourselves if this is a good thing. Space exploration could provide us with new raw materials, solve problems on earth or even help us understand ourselves better.

Humans have always wanted to go into space.

Humans have always been curious about space. We want to know what's on the other side of the mountain, and why we live on Earth.

We've always wanted to explore the unknown. It's in our nature as humans to find ourselves in situations where there is something new and different from what we're used to. When you don't know what's going on around you, when things are happening too fast for your brain or body to understand them all at once—that feeling of being lost makes us want answers!

In addition to wanting answers about ourselves (and others), there is also this feeling that can happen when looking into space: wonderment at how small we are compared with everything else out there—the universe itself!

The experience of space travel may be an important one for many people.

The experience of space travel may be an important one for many people. For example, some people dream of visiting the moon or Mars (or even beyond). These dreams are very common, and they're usually tied to a desire to see something new in our world.

Some people choose not to take part in this activity because it involves leaving Earth—but there's nothing wrong with making your own rules based on what you want from life! You can decide whether or not traveling through space is right for you without worrying about anyone else's feelings or opinions about it!

With the rise of personal computers, robots, and other technologies, space exploration has finally become possible.

With the rise of personal computers, robots, and other technologies, space exploration has finally become possible. The first people to walk on Mars will be able to do so because of ground-based telescopes that are being used over time to develop new technology and tools.

In this way, we can see how human beings have been able to overcome many obstacles in their lives by using their intelligence and creativity.

Space exploration could provide us with new raw materials.

You might be thinking, “Why would I want to get my hands on new raw materials? What could they possibly do for me?” Well, space exploration could provide us with a wide variety of benefits. For example:

  • We could find new resources in space that we can use on Earth. For example, there are currently over 100 million asteroids in our solar system alone (that's more than twice as many as there are stars). If we were able to explore these bodies and extract their valuable minerals and metals like titanium or gold—which are both essential materials for making things like spacecraft engines—then it would help us become energy-independent.

  • Space exploration could also lead us to discover ways in which humans can live off-planet (or at least closer than we are currently). This could open up opportunities for people who want freedom from the constraints imposed by gravity: astronauts would no longer have restrictions placed upon them by their planet's gravity pull; instead they would be able to float around freely without having masses pulling down against them from above; thus allowing them greater freedom within space itself!

Some argue that we should spend money on solving problems on earth instead.

Some argue that we should spend money on solving problems on earth instead. They point out that space exploration is expensive, and they say we should be spending our resources here instead.

But this argument doesn't make sense to me: space exploration has been going on for many decades—and still, we don't know much about space! It's true that some people might disagree with my opinion about how important it is to explore our galaxy, but I think there are good reasons why this topic deserves attention from everyone who cares about humanity as a whole.

But there are different kinds of exploration.

But there are different kinds of exploration. Exploration of the unknown is important, and it's not just about space travel. Exploring what you do not know, or have never encountered before—the unknown—is a human trait that has been traced all the way back to ancient times.

In fact, one could argue that this is one of our most basic instincts: we're curious by nature (and evolution). It's in our genes! And as technology advances, so does our ability to discover new things around us and beyond us.

Space exploration has important effects on our civilization.

You might be wondering why space exploration is so important. Well, here are some of the reasons:

  • It helps us understand our world better and prepare for future changes. The cost of launching rockets has decreased dramatically over time and will continue to decrease as technology improves. This allows us to explore more distant planets and asteroids in space, which can help us learn more about them and how they work on a scientific level.

  • Space exploration has played an important financial role in helping nations develop economically, like when NASA helped build up Russia's economy during its first decades after World War II (it wasn't until later that Russia became communist).

  • It also gives us access to different cultures around the world by sending astronauts into orbit or landing them on other planets! For example, American astronauts have visited Russia many times during their lives; Russian cosmonauts have visited America many times too (but not always with permission from both countries' governments). This exchange gives people insight into each others' lives outside what they see online or through news reports every day--which means there's more understanding between countries than ever before because now we're all learning from each other instead of just one another through propaganda alone."


Space travel is good for several reasons, including environmental ones. Space travel can improve the efficiency of energy use, for example, because it would allow products to be shipped in bulk after being manufactured in a location near the center of mass. It will also allow us to explore further into space and see what kinds of other life or civilizations might exist out there somewhere. We don't know what's out there yet, but we will soon.

Space exploration is an important part of our future as a species. It could provide new raw materials for our economy, or it could help us solve some of the problems we have on earth. However, if we don’t explore space properly, then we may end up losing out in both areas. That’s why we need to spend money on space research today so that tomorrow’s generation will not be left behind by their country or world leaders who ignore their wishes!


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